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Nike Air Zoom Vapor 10 HC
Id: 356567000011
709 RON (27% TVA inclus)
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On Court :

The Nike Air Zoom Vapor shoes are known for their comfort, support and light weight. Indeed, this X model also contributes these fine qualities. The mesh structure improves breathability and the light weight replaces the vamp in textile. Meanwhile, the addition of TPU on the sides of the shoe reinforce durability.

Provided with attractive colours, these shoes will enable you to move quickly on the court as the reworked exterior sole features more explosiveness when you quickly stop and start.

Furthermore, the levels of cushioning and support dispense high quality as the Dynamic Fit technology laterally stabilises the foot and the Zoom Air absorbs ground shocks.

This shoe is for offensive players who are not afraid of moving all over the court!

When you purchase this pair of shoes, you get a free Nike Brasilia shoes bag!

Technical Details :

- Mesh structure and synthetic material in order to reduce weight and increase breathability
- Dynamic Fit system: adhesion between the base and the laces in order to obtain excellent lateral support
- Phylon intermediate sole with the Nike Zoom Air unit : offers cushioning that is closer to the ground for extreme comfort
- Lateral protection in TPU throughout the entire length in order to increase support and to add protection against deterioration
- Addition of XDR on the exterior sole at the heel level and the front of the foot in order to improve traction on the ground and durability
- Reworked exterior sole in order to make it easier for you to move and change directions
- Reinforcement on the exterior sole of 7,5mm on strategic areas to limit deterioration

Weight : 390g (Size 44)

Surface : All surfaces
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